Japanese Bag

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The Japanese handbag, called knot bag in English, is part of the panoply of Japanese accessories. It has the particularity of having an asymmetrical cut with one handle longer than the other. Rest assured, this is not a manufacturing defect, it allows you to close your bag naturally by passing the larger handle in the smaller one. There is therefore no need for a zipper or press stud system.

This Japanese bag in thick and resistant fabric has the advantage of being able to be declined in an infinite number of prints, patterns and textures. The bags that we offer you have beautiful Japanese patterns and prints.

Small in size, it can be worn by hand or slipped around the wrist. It is perfect for storing your cell phone, wallet and keys ... Everything you need to carry without worrying about the unnecessary. This mini-bag has the merit of being small, minimalist, chic and original. It is a real fashion accessory that completes your outfit by bringing the final touch.

The Japanese tote bag, a canvas bag that will accompany you everywhere

Practical, ecological and unique, our tote bags feature beautiful quality Japanese prints to guarantee you a very original Japanese style. From traditional designs to modern prints, to depictions of famous prints such as The Great Wave off Kanagawa, there is something for everyone.

Folded in four, it can slip into the handbag to serve as an extra bag to take out when the opportunity arises. Want to shop? An unexpected detour to the supermarket to do 2-3 groceries? Learn to refuse plastic bags and proudly take out your tote bag! Here is an ecological and stylish tote bag.

With its large size, this tote bag is perfect for storing a few notebooks or your laptop before going to work. Its thick canvas fabric is strong and resistant to any test. Washable easily, it can be used as a sports bag or beach bag. Some models are equipped with interior zipped compartments to store their laptop and wallet.

An inseparable accessory of the kimono, the kinchaku is a small traditional Japanese bag that closes with a drawstring. Nowadays, designs have evolved somewhat and prints can be both traditional and kawaii.

This small bag is an essential fashion accessory in the wardrobe of a woman passionate about Japanese culture. With its small size, the kinchaku bag will serve as a mini handbag, make-up bag, toiletry bag ...