Japanese fan

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Pretty japanese fans in silk or paper

During the summer season, it is always pleasant to cool off. For this, we offer you new pretty Japanese fans in fabric or paper, foldable or in one piece. A pretty Japanese object, very elegant and practical to fan yourself.

Having a Japanese fan will certainly embellish your collection of japanese accessories.

Did you know that, according to legend, the making of folding fans was inspired by the wings of birds and bats? Nature inspired the first fans to create a fan so that it can be easily stored, when folded, in the sleeves of the Kimono.

There are thus several kinds of Japanese fans:

Uchiwa are non-bending fans and have a panel shape with a bamboo or wooden handle perfect for fanning. Nowadays, there are a lot of these plastic fans in Japan that companies advertise and distribute for free. One can also buy in Japan Uchiha left white which are made to be decorated with a calligraphy, a drawing, or a short poem.

The Sensu is the very famous folding fan often made of bamboo and covered with Japanese Washi paper.

Finally the Gunsen is the name given to the combat fans which were used to give signals during the battles. Other fans (Tessen) shorter and worn on the belt allowed the Samurai to defend himself in close combat if he no longer had his sword or with a lower rank opponent as he was not seen very well for a noble to use the Katana against a non "professional" attacker.

The fan, if it is very practical for cooling off, is also a symbol of Japanese elegance and has long served as a support for artists who decorated them by hand. Historically, the fan is a fundamental prop of Japanese "No" theater and is also used in certain martial arts such as Tai chi chuan. 

During the Middle Ages in Japan, the warlord (the shogun) wore a gunsen (literally "war fan"): this type of fan had a forged steel frame and served as both a rallying sign and a direction. troops (brandished open), and both guard and protection (when closed) in saber combat. More peacefully, the Japanese fan, of its Japanese name "Tessen", will be the essential complement of your Japanese outfit like the Kimono or the Yukata.