Japanese Tea Boxes

Tea is a fragrant drink very popular in the japanese kitchenware, and the Japanese pay particular attention to the proper preservation of these leaves. In order to store your tea in the best possible conditions, we offer all kinds of airtight Japanese tea boxes, made of metal or washi paper. The tea ceremony, Chanoyu in Japanese, is quite an art in Japan. Moreover, tea is considered a delicate, precious and refined dish, which is why it is very important to know how to store it in order to preserve all its aromas and flavors. The tea cannot expire but it can "spoil", so some precautions should be taken to ensure the proper conservation of these leaves. 

It is necessary to store loose tea in airtight and opaque tea boxes. Indeed, tea is sensitive to light, heat, humidity and strong odors. Exposing it to air and light would risk oxidizing the leaves and thus reducing the aroma they contain. In contact with humidity, the leaves could mold. If you store your tea in the kitchen, avoid damp places, sources of heat (hotplates, direct sunlight, etc.) and spices or other foods that give off smells and could permeate the tea. Generally, green teas are best if consumed within 12 months of picking. For an excellent conservation of your tea, it is advisable to store it in metal tea boxes, if possible with a double lid. 

These airtight boxes will protect your tea from light, humidity and odors. Japanese papier washi tea tins also make perfect containers for your loose tea. In addition to this aspect of preservation of aromas and flavors, tea boxes are often very pretty, decorated with Japanese motifs and bring a colorful Japanese touch to the decoration of your kitchen. Only positive. If you buy your tea loose in large quantities, you can divide it among several small boxes to limit the oxidation in contact with the air each time you open the box.