Women kimono jacket

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Kimono Jacket Women's

In summer, women's kimono jackets, or haori, all these traditional japanese clothing female invade our streets with their colorful and exotic Japanese patterns. Thanks to its straight cut, flared sleeves, light and colorful fabric, the kimono jacket has conquered the Western fashion market. Versatile, the haori can be worn with simple jeans shorts and a t-shirt to transform your outfit into a casual yet elegant look. A staple of the spring-summer wardrobe, the women's kimono can be worn on all occasions. With its straight and loose fit, this garment has the advantage of flattering all body types, in addition to pairing with many of the basics in our wardrobe. In satin, viscose or even muslin, the fabric is often fluid and light. Usually, the jacket goes with its tie belt.

In summer, at the water's edge, swap your sarong for a kimono jacket. Slip on simply over your swimsuit, it dresses in the blink of an eye. At the end of the evening, we wear it belted to mark the silhouette. Add shorts and heels, and you have a sexy and relaxed outfit, perfect for setting the dancefloor. For an even more elegant outfit, consider pairing your kimono with a straight dress and pumps. The perfect match: a floral print jacket tied over a little black dress. Over a long dress, prefer a short jacket so as not to give the impression of floating in your outfit. The long jacket is to be preferred with shorts or skinny jeans.

Are you more of a fan of sportswear fashion and comfortable outfits? Opt for a light and oversized kimono jacket. Mixed with a tank top or a T-shirt, it will give you a Harajuku style. On your feet, don't forget your pair of designer sneakers or sneakers. The most daring will dare to wear the kimono with a crop-top and high-waisted jeans. In the world of ready-to-wear women's fashion, kimonos occupy a prominent place. This garment from Japan has been able to reinvent itself over the years. With long or short sleeves, straight or asymmetrical cut, floral print, embroidered and other colors, the woman's kimono is available to infinity.