Black japanese kimono


Characteristic of this Black japanese kimono:

    • Material: Polyester, Cotton 
    • Cold water wash to preserve the fabric
    • Light material for optimal comfort
    • Comfortable Japanese kimono
    • Beware, bear in mind to fold up the left side of the kimono over the right side! In Japanese society, the reverse is made for the deceased.
    • Japanese kimono consisting of a top, a skirt and a jacket
    • To choose your size, please refer to the tables below.

Size S High Jacket Skirt
Length (inches) 19,7 27,6 35,4
Bust (inches) 43,3 44,1 -
Shoulder width (inches) 22,0 23,6 -
Sleeve length (cm) - 12,6 -
Waist circumference (inches) - - 28,3- 44,9


Size M High Jacket Skirt
Length (inches) 23,6 31,5 39,4
Bust (inches) 44,9 44,9 -
Shoulder width (inches) 22,8 24,4 -
Sleeve length (inches) - 13,4 -
Waist circumference (inches) - - 29,1- 44,9


Size L High Jacket Skirt
Length (inches) 27,6 35,4 43,3
Bust (inches) 47,2 51,2 -
Shoulder width (inches) 25,6 25,6 -
Sleeve length (inches) - 14,2 -
Waist circumference (inches) - - 31,5- 50,4

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With this Black japanese kimono for males, you will really feel the heart of a real samurai. Its textile is extremely comfortable as well as light to put on.

The yukata kimono is the less official version of the Japanese kimono, it is an informal garment consisting of a single layer.

Regardless of the reduced variety of people that generally put on the garment and the kimono's reputation as an unpleasant item of apparel, the kimono has actually seen a number of events in previous years and also is still worn today as a classy garment in Japan.

The people that use the kimono most regularly in Japanese culture are older men and women - that might have grown up using it, although much less often than previous generations - geisha as well as maiko (who are held in the wear as part of their occupation), as well as sumo wrestlers, that should put on a kimono in all times in public.

The style of the print brings a modern-day touch to this standard Japanese garment to make it a kimono preferred with Westerners.

Putting on a Japanese kimono for men is the most effective way to integrate convenience and also beauty in one garment. Whether you utilize it as an indoor clothing or going out for an unique event, this kimono will certainly not dissatisfy.

In the modern age, the major distinctions between guys's kimonos are in the fabric. The common males's kimono is a dark, restrained shade; black, dark blues, greens and also browns prevail. The textiles are normally matt. Some have a refined pattern and also textured textiles prevail in even more casual kimonos. An even more casual kimono can be made in somewhat brighter colors, such as lighter purples, environment-friendlies, as well as blues. Sumo wrestlers are sometimes known to put on quite brilliant shades such as fuchsia.

The yukata kimono is a loose Japanese garment, light as well as really comfy to put on. The Japanese generally use it after bathing or at festivals in summer season. Composed of 95% cotton, this Japanese yukata makes certain high quality and maximum comfort.

On warm summer days, you will appreciate using this guys's yukata, a laid-back summertime kimono, light and also really comfy to use. Its cotton fabric is thin sufficient to let your skin evaporate and take a breath body dampness, so you stay great and dry throughout the day.

The Japanese kimono is a traditional Japanese garment and also the nationwide gown of Japan. The kimono is a T-shaped covered garment with square sleeves as well as a rectangular body, and is used with the left side rolled up to the appropriate side, unless the user is deceased. The kimono is commonly used with an obi and also is usually put on with devices such as zori sandals and tabi socks.

Whether for an event or to be comfy at home, this kimono is extremely comfy to use with its soft product as well as wide sleeves.

Unlike females's kimono, men's kimono clothing are much easier, typically consisting of 5 items, not including shoes.

Men's kimono sleeves are connected to the body of the kimono with no more than a couple of inches unattached at the bottom, unlike the womanly design of extremely deep sleeves, a lot of which is not connected to the body of the kimono. Guy's sleeves are shallower than females's kimono sleeves to fit the obi around the waist listed below, while on a female's kimono the lengthy, unattached cuff can hang over the obi without hindering.

The kind of kimono worn can likewise vary depending on the age of the wearer, the formality of the celebration and also - much less frequently - the marriage standing of the user. Kimonos are usually just worn for official occasions these days, kimono can be worn at occasions of all procedures.

You will certainly like its cotton and linen fabric, environmentally pleasant and also natural. This Japanese kimono is very comfy to wear.

When you have embraced this yukata for men as an interior garment, you will not be able to do without it since it is light, comfy and also positive to put on.

In modern-day Japan, the kimono is hardly ever worn as a day-to-day outfit as well as has actually progressively fallen under disuse as one of the most common garment that the Japanese very own and wear. The kimono is currently frequently seen at summer season festivals, where people often put on the yukata, one of the most informal sort of kimono. Nevertheless, the kimono is additionally worn at funerals, wedding celebrations, as well as various other official occasions.

The Japanese yukata for guys is the perfect garment to wear in the house. Its cotton textile is light, versatile and also absorbing; her sleeves are broad as well as moving; the obi belt is flexible and also is easily affixed making use of velcro