Black kimono jacket wave and koi carp pattern


Characteristics of this Black kimono jacket wave and koi carp pattern:

  • Material: Cotton, Linen, Viscose
  • Comfortable kimono jacket
  • Cold water wash to preserve the fabric
  • Ideal in any season
  • Light material for optimal comfort

For more information on the dimensions of kimono jackets, you can refer to the table below.

Cut Length (inches) Bust (inches) Sleeves (inches)
Unique 28,3 47,2 11

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Till the early 1800s, only men might wear a kimono coat. It was only later that geishas in Tokyo included robe coats right into their wardrobe, making this attire preferred.

The robe jacket is an everyday design and also can be incorporated with all your garments.

At Justtentime, heritage and history mix right into every item we sell.

This Black kimono jacket wave and koi carp pattern is truly nice to use in summer and also winter months as well as will certainly change any type of fundamental attire into a sophisticated and also elegant one.

Using this typical Japanese kimono jacket is a stylish method to show your interest for Japan while putting on a trendy coat.

Sleeveless bathrobe jackets were initially part of the apparel utilized on samurai shield.

With its 3/4 broad sleeves and also its asymmetrical cut, this garment is enjoyable to wear and optimal to take on a Japanese search in all nuance.

Casual or posh outfit, this bathrobe fits all styles and all occasions. In bed linen and cotton, the material is thick, soft as well as flexible.

Kimono jackets are usually what you might take into consideration when you consider robes.

Our group wishes that your Black kimono jacket wave and koi carp pattern will certainly inspire you as long as it influences us.

A premium high quality kimono coat with a thick fabric of linen, cotton and also polyester.

Kimono jackets are not made use of with a traditional obi belt, they are typically loosely connected with small connections or curved with a belt. These belts can easily be completely tied and bound to bring an added information to the haori.

With this jacket reveal your enthusiasm for Japan while remaining subtle as well as fashionable.

Robe coats additionally called "haori" is a kimono style coat that is typically used over a kosode.

Bathrobe coats were considerably affected by the Han Chinese clothes utilized throughout the Chinese Qing Empire.

The background of the robe and its accompanying items is bountiful. Whether in China or Japan, kimono fabric and also designs throughout the historical ages have actually progressed with the economic gains of a developing middle class, equal rights of style for ladies and also males as well as a result a lot more.

A robe jacket is normally much shorter than a conventional bathrobe and also does not shut.

In any type of period, this Black kimono jacket wave and koi carp pattern  is a classy and laid-back garment to use over a basic outfit.

A robe coat with a straight cut, large sleeves and also a soft as well as running material.

A haori sufficient and liquid, to use over a basic tee shirt to adopt a elegant and classy Japanese design. The material is flexible, really pleasurable as well as resistant to put on whatever the season.

Worn over an easy T-shirt, this lengthy robe coat is suitable for summer or mid-season. It is a garment that stands apart as a centerpiece and also changes any kind of standard outfit right into a laid-back and elegant clothing.

Robe jackets are traditionally made from satin or silk weaves.

This Black kimono jacket wave and koi carp pattern is of excellent quality with a liquid, light as well as resistant fabric.