Japanese Ceramic Bowl


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Complete your Japanese dinner service with its Japanese ceramic bowls . In Japan, the bowl is widely used during meals, unlike European countries where plates are much more common.

There are many bowls with different sizes, each with a specificity. To guide you in your purchase, we present three sizes of bowls and their specific usefulness.

  • The small bowl (4,3 inches in diameter and 2,4 inches in height), or Chawan , is a container that is used daily in Japan for tea or rice . The size of this bowl is perfect to be able to hold it with one hand.
  • The medium bowl (6,1 inches in diameter and 3,15 inches in height), or Donburi , is a fairly large and high bowl used to eat ramen , those noodle dishes or rice and meat dishes. , preparation which will end up taking the name of the bowl, donburi .
  • The large bowl (8,1 inches in diameter and 3,5 inches in height), also called Donburi , can be used both for the main dish based on rice on which we have all kinds of garnishes, vegetables, meats, eggs. or as a salad bowl for a nice presentation in the center of the table.

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