Japanese Onigiri Mold


Become an onigiri ace with this simple and practical Japanese onigiri mold . This little gadget will become essential in your kitchen.

The onigiri are kind of rice sandwiches filled with a salty or sour food and closed with a piece of seaweed nori . However, you can give free rein to your imagination to vary the filling of your rice dumpling and thus vary the pleasures.

The onigiri fits perfectly in a bento box , it is consistent and easy to eat with your fingers. Your spouse and children will love it.

To prepare this typical Japanese rice ball , nothing could be simpler. Fill the mold with rice and your filling in the center, close with the lid to compact the rice then press on the bottom of the mold to remove the rice ball from the mold. Close the onigiri with a piece of seaweed or surround it with a thin slice of cucumber. Enjoy your meal !

  • Material: food-grade plastic
  • The set contains two molds of different sizes
  • Dimensions of the large mold: 2,44 inches x 1,7 inches
  • Dimensions of the small mold: 2,00 inches x 1,5 inches
  • Non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean

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