Long black kimono jacket


Characteristics of this Long black kimono jacket:

  • Material: Cotton, Linen, Viscose
  • Comfortable kimono jacket
  • Cold water wash to preserve the fabric
  • Ideal in any season
  • Light material for optimal comfort

The sizes of our kimono jackets correspond to Asian sizes. We recommend that you take one or two sizes larger than your usual size.

Example: If you are used to wearing M, choose size L or XL.

For more information on the dimensions of kimono jackets, you can refer to the table below.

Length (cm) Bust (cm) Shoulder width (cm)
M 103
L 104
XL 105
2XL 106
3XL 107
4XL 108
5XL 108

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Sufficient, flowing as well as light, this Long black kimono jacket is really pleasant to put on. Its fabric allows your skin take a breath while shielding you from the sun. Robe coats are traditionally made from satin or silk weaves.

This haori for black kimono jacket sufficient is very positive to put on in any type of period over a basic tee shirt. Light and also liquid, this kimono jacket is perfect for nice climate days as well as ensures you a fashionable look influenced by the Japanese world.

The bathrobe jacket is a day-to-day design as well as can be integrated with all your clothes. Kimono jackets likewise called "haori" is a kimono design coat that is normally put on over a kosode.

Wear this haori over a simple white t-shirt and you will certainly look great. Kimono jackets are normally what you might take into consideration when you consider robes.

Kimono coats were greatly impacted by the Han Chinese clothes made use of throughout the Chinese Qing Dynasty. Light and also sufficient, this Japanese jacket is extremely pleasant to use in any season over a straightforward tee shirt.

Till the very early 1800s, just guys can put on a robe coat. It was only later on that geishas in Tokyo integrated kimono coats into their wardrobe, making this attire prominent.

This loose as well as light Japanese Long black kimono jacket is the best remedy to stay trendy whatever the season. Its slim and also fluid textile maintains your body cool as well as lets your skin breathe, also at 40 ° C. The kimono is a great traditional in Japanese culture.

At Justtentime, background as well as heritage mix into every item we market. Sleeveless robe coats were originally part of the clothing utilized on samurai shield. Add this piece to your closet as well as make certain a fashionable Japanese design in all times. Our group wishes that your kimono jacket will motivate you as much as it motivates us.

The history of the robe as well as its coming with pieces is bountiful. Whether in China or Japan, kimono material and styles throughout the historical ages have in fact evolved with the financial gains of an establishing middle class, equality of style for females and also males as well as consequently much more.

To take on a trendy Japanese design, do not wait one 2nd in front of this light and also enough Japanese haori.

Positioned somewhere between Japanese tradition and Western modernity, this Long black kimono jacket is magnificent as well as fashionable.

Japan invites itself into your dressing area with this splendid standard Japanese jacket. The material is fine, light and also fluid, that makes this garment a really positive jacket to use in summer along with in winter. A robe coat is typically much shorter than a conventional kimono and also does not close.

Kimono jackets are not utilized with a traditional obi belt, they are typically loosely connected with tiny ties or bent with a belt. These belts can quickly be completely connected and knotted to bring an additional detail to the haori.

With its loosened, moving and also light material, this is a kimono cardigan that is extremely comfortable to wear inside as well as outdoors. It will offer you a Japanese look while its fabric is ideal to safeguard you from the sun while allowing your skin breathe.

The Japanese haori is a conventional Japanese coat used open over the kimono. This haori jacket offers you a modern version, light and also really pleasurable to use in summer season.