Microwave Bento Box


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Adopting a bento lunchbox is above all adopting a healthy, balanced and ecological lifestyle. With this ceramic microwave bento box , you can prepare delicious meals at home for your lunches at the office, at the gym or on a picnic.

The rosewood cover has a dual function by also serving as a tray. An internal silicone lid seals your box tightly to prevent leaks and heat loss.

  • The lid is made of rosewood and the container is ceramic .
  • Includes waterproof silicone inner cover, silicone elastic closure and pair of wooden chopsticks.
  • Box dimensions: 7,5 long x 4,3 wide x 3 high inches.
  • Box volume: 500 ml
  • Great resistance to high temperatures.
  • The ceramic container is microwave and oven safe .


  • The silicone inner cover is microwave safe but not oven safe.
  • Do not put the wooden lid in the oven or in the microwave.

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