Obi Belt Shikon Sakura Pattern


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This traditional obi belt ( Tsuke obi ) has the particularity of being composed of two parts : a wide and thick ribbon which is placed around the waist and a bunko knot already made that you just have to slip under the obi belt for the hang in the back. In this way, wearing a kimono is made easier and accessible to all those who do not have the time or do not know how to tie an obi knot.

  • Unique size
  • Material: cotton and canvas fabric
  • Thick, stiff and slightly satin fabric
  • Length: 94,5 inches
  • Width: 5,9 inches
  • Hand wash only at low temperature

Our kimono obi belt for women is very easy to put on .

It consists of a large ribbon and a ready-to-use bow tie.

To put on your obi belt, simply follow this guide in pictures . In just 10 steps you will have an obi belt tied around your waist with a beautiful bow tie on the back.

obi kimono instructions for use

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