Stainless steel bento box



When you can't go home for lunch, lunch can quickly become a headache, a waste of time and especially money. The lunch break is very important in a day, especially at work, so there is no question of spending this privileged moment in a noisy canteen or in the queue of a fast food restaurant 

Discover the all new generation of stainless steel bento boxes . Its revolutionary vertical design allows it to slip into any bag without taking up too much space and without the risk of tipping over.

Modular, you can adapt the size of the bento according to your appetite by assembling the number of compartments you want. The stainless steel compartments are airtight and retain the heat of food, they are perfect for containing a dish or a soup. In the plastic compartments, you can slip some fruit and snacks to snack on during the day. 

The isothermal bag supplied with the stainless steel bento box allows you to conserve heat, protect the bento in your bag or carry it over the shoulder.

  • Made of stainless steel and non-toxic PP plastic to ensure you have a quality food container.
  • Composed of three plastic compartments of 150 ml, two stainless steel compartments of 300 ml and one stainless steel compartment of 600 ml.
  • Keeps your meal warm for up to 3 hours.
  • Watertightness of the stainless steel compartments guaranteed.
  • Isothermal cover equipped with a shoulder strap.
  • Dimensions: The height and capacity of the bento will depend on the number of stainless steel compartments stacked - See details in the table below.

Number of compartments Diameter (inch) Hauteur (inch) Capacity (inch)
1 4,3
6,1 750
2 4,3 8,8 1200
3 4,3 11,6 1650


  • Do not put the stainless steel compartments in the microwave.
  • The plastic compartments are microwave safe.
  • Do not put in the oven or on the fire

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