Sushi Bazooka - Sushi Mold


Want to wow your friends with sushi, maki and california roll worthy of a prestigious Japanese restaurant?

With this sushi bazooka , simply become the king of all kinds of sushi making! Its use is very simple and fast, good meals with friends and sushi evenings in front of the TV with your loved one.

  1. Open the mold in half after unscrewing the cover and then remove the rod which is inside.
  2. Fill both sides of the pan with sushi rice.
  3. In the center of the rice, place your garnish of your choice.
  4. Insert the rod into its screw thread then quickly close the mold.
  5. Attach the cover to the other end of the stem handle.
  6. Screw the stem to firmly pack the rice and the filling in the mold.
  7. Remove the cover and push the rice roll out of the mold using the rod.
  8. Place the rice roll on a sheet of nori seaweed, roll it in the seaweed then cut 1-2 cm slices. 
  9. Treat yourself !
  • Material: strong and durable food-grade plastic
  • Very easy to use sushi mold
  • Easy to wash: open the mold, separate the pieces and clean with soapy water

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