Sushi mold


Have you always dreamed of making beautiful Japanese sushi worthy of the name? But here is the problem, the rice sticks on your fingers or the rice balls crumble and do not hold ...

With this simple and effective sushi mold , you will be able to create pretty Japanese sushi and wow your friends! You just need to fill the mold with special sushi rice then squeeze the handle to unmold your uniform and compact rice cylinder. The inner wall of the mold has been designed so that the rice does not stick and turns out correctly. Cover the rice with a thin slice of fresh fish, shrimp or avocado and you're done. Good tasting.

  • Long and comfortable handle
  • Non-stick interior wall 
  • Material: food-grade plastic, healthy and non-toxic
  • Dimensions of the mold: 6,3 inches long x 0.8 inches wide

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