Traditional Male japanese yukata with pattern


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Characteristics of this Traditional Male japanese yukata with pattern:

  • Material: 95% cotton, 5% polyester
  • Comfortable Male Yukata
  • Cold water wash to preserve the fabric
  • Ideal in any season
  • Light material for optimal comfort
  • Lightweight, soft and comfortable to wear fabric
  • Straight cut and 3/4 wide sleeves

This yukata is available in two sizes: 

  • Size M: for men whose height is less than or equal to 1m75 (5,74 ft)
  • Size L: for men whose height is over 1m75 (5,74 ft)

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To be comfortable at home or join a summer season festival in Japan, the Japanese yukata for males is light, comfortable and also really comfortable to wear. With its absorbing cotton textile, you will certainly value it significantly on hot summertime days or after showering.

The yukata is a summer kimono with a kicked back appearance, originally used after bathing. Nowadays, the Japanese yukata is popular, both as a comfy indoor garment and also as an outside garment in summertime.

The textile of this Japanese yukata for men is 100% cotton, soft, light and absorbing. This Japanese yukata for men is light as well as makes it a very comfortable Japanese garment to wear

This relaxed version of the Japanese kimono is comfy and also extremely comfy to wear. The textile of this Japanese yukata for guys is lightweight with high absorbency to maintain you trendy and also dry all the time.

Store readily in this males's yukata and embrace a zen and also loosened up clothing for the house

With its straight cut, wide sleeves and flexible obi belt, this Traditional Male japanese yukata with pattern adapts to all body types to guarantee you the best comfort.

This conventional yukata is of premium quality with a light, flexible and soft 100% cotton fabric to allow your skin breathe and also keep you cool down all summer season long.

To remain at home or kick back in your yard, it is due time to take ideas from Japanese society to adopt a yukata!

Regardless of the reduced number of individuals that regularly make use of the kimono in addition to the garment's track record as an undesirable garment, the kimono has seen lots of rebirths in previous years as well as is additionally still used today as a stylish garment in Japan.

Japanese Yukata are laid-back summer cotton kimono. Yukata were originally a very basic indigo and white cotton kimono, bit more than a robe used either in your house or for a brief walk there; Yukata were additionally worn by hostel visitors, with the Japanese yukata design revealing the hostel an individual was staying in. From around the mid-1980s, they started to be produced in a wider variety of designs and shades, fulfilling the demand for a much more informal kimono that could be used for a summertime occasion.

In summer, out of the shower or equally as an indoor garment, this Traditional Male japanese yukata with pattern truly has all of it.

Nowadays, most of Japanese Yukata are wonderfully colored (for females), including wonderful principles from a choice of different period. They are placed on with hanhaba obi (half-width obi) or heko obi (a soft, belt-like obi), as well as are normally equipped with shaking hair tools. Japanese Yukata are frequently unlined, and it is possible to use an informal Nagoya obi with a high-end and also additional restrained Yukata.

This conventional garment, the light and unwinded version of the kimono, is excellent for feeling comfy at home.