Wooden Bento Box



Find all the spirit of Japan in this wooden bento box . The removable divider allows you to separate this oval box into three compartments for your rice, vegetables and meat. The closure belt secures the cover securely.

Slip your wooden bento box as well as your cutlery pouch in your fabric bag and go to the office or on a picnic with your healthy and balanced lunch.

  • The box is made of natural , non-toxic and healthy wood to ensure you maximum food quality.
  • Includes removable divider, closure belt, pouch with wooden cutlery (fork, spoon and pair of chopsticks) and fabric bag.
  • The colors and patterns of the fabric used for the pouch and bag are random and may differ from those shown in the images opposite.
  • Box dimensions: 6,7 long x 5,1 wide x 2,4 high inches.
  • Box volume: 700 ml


  • Do not pass the boxin the microwave or in the dishwasher.
  • Do not put in the oven or on the fire.
  • Dry the box well after washing by hand.
  • The box is not completely waterproof, be careful not to get any liquid in it.

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